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Hakkasan Resident DJ Mark Eteson on The VivaVegasTV Show

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Mark Eteson, resident DJ at Hakkasan Night Club and accomplished EDM producer, joins Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain this week on ‘The VivaVegasTV Show.’  Before Mark and Sancho arrive on the show, Michael takes 10 minutes to answer some very basic questions pertaining to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing for small business owners.  He recommends some very useful websites to use as resources: for social media trends, for SEO advice, for blogging and podcast tips, as well as several others.

Mark Eteson and Sancho Van Ryan then come on the show to talk about Mark’s new found success as an EDM producer, what it’s like to play at Hakkasan, how he got started, who is inspirations are and what his plans for the future are.  Mark is an exceptional guest for the show because not only is he a successful DJ but he also is his own brand, his own company and he uses social media to promote his business.  And more importantly, he’s successful at doing what he loves for work, creating music.

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About Mark Eteson:

  • Mark’s first-ever professional DJ performance was warming up for the current and 3-time number one DJ Armin van Buuren. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! But it’s this level of trust that dance music giants Godskitchen put in the young 23 year-old that made him mature into what he is today – and it certainly paid off. Fast forward 4 years and after two mass-produced GK mix albums, two international radio shows and sold out tours nationwide as well as internationally with Global Gathering, Mark has become one of the brand’s most-loved residents. But it’s hard to pigeon hole him as just a resident when he has consistently showed himself as a rapidly growing and extremely exciting addition to the scene, proving he is headed nowhere but the top. Tracks played from ASOT to TATW, hitting number one spots in all the download charts, scoring airings on BBC Radio One shows to Essential Mixes…all proof of the fact that Mark is definitely one to watch. It may well be worth a trip to the bookies before everyone catches on!
  • Mark is equally apt playing to an intimate group of dedicated clubbers as he is governing a crowd of 10,000 people in the main tent of Global Gathering. This ability to switch between the close-up affairs and the brazen fearlessness of a sold out arena is what make’s him so appealing and enthralling to watch no matter where you are. Similarly, he can play to a group of university students as much as he can hardcore trance fans. It’s this versatility which has gained him the popularity amongst his fans he now holds so close, and guarantees every Mark Eteson show to be one to remember, you’ll never get a second rate performance, whether you’re surrounded by 50 of your mates, or 5000 of them. Mark’s energy behind the decks is second to none, his ability to craft a set and expertly transition between tracks is testament to his musical roots and his track choice and cutting edge mixing has earned him respect from his peers and fellow DJs alike.

Major Achievements:

  • Worldwide Resident for one of the biggest names in Electronic Music – Godskitchen
  • Played 4 consecutive UK Global Gatherings, opening and closing the main arena to over 12,000 clubbers; as well as travelling with the brand to play at Global Gathering festivals in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
  • Playing shows everywhere from a Cruise-liner in Sweden, 1 million people Street Parade’s in Switzerland, Open Air festivals in Russia, International Exhibition Centres in the Ukraine, Indoor Raves in Belarus to Futuristic Eastern Superclubs in Shanghai.
  • Compiled and mixed two Godskitchen albums for worldwide sales online and in high street stores; Trance Anthems and the first ever residents compilation Godskitchen Underground.

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